MEBDI organizes events that promote research analyzing big data with the guidance of economic models and theory.

The first initiative undertaken by MEBDI is the Global Income Dynamics Project, which aims to builds an open-access cross-country database that will provide a wide range of research and policy relevant statistics on micro dynamics, covering workers, households, and firms, as well as the linkages between these different economic units. The project leaders are Fatih Guvenen of MEBDI and University of Minnesota, Luigi Pistaferri of Stanford and Gianluca Violante of Princeton.

The project has started about two years ago and currently includes 13 countries (with 40+ country team members), with a planned expansion to about 25 countries in the near future. A special issue of Quantitative Economics for the project (the first for any Econometric Society journal) will publish papers written by country teams highlighting the key findings for each country.


2nd (Virtual) Conference of the Global Income Dynamics Project 

The conference was held virtually on November 19-20, 2020. 


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